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    *snapchats and texts the same person at the same time*

    Im pretty sure we’ve done this half-blood-precious thegirlthatplayslikeamadridista

    Lol connorkenwayizmine


    Fake Cristiano Ronaldo at the match Real Madrid - Fioretina (16.08.2014) (x)

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    Ice Bucket Challenge - football players (p.1)

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    "My idol since always, thank you. #CR7 @Cristiano"

    Cristiano Piccini (Fiorentina)

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  4. Not able to explain what we feel, definitely the best of life and the happiest. We love you baby.

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    Lil’ fan - Friendly - Real vs. Fiorentina - 16/08/14

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  5. For everyone who’s going back to school soon


    Here. Take these…

    Just remember these through the struggle…

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    James Rodriguez: It’s a pleasure to play alongside Ronaldo